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Bardejov is known as the most Gothic city of Slovakia.



Near the border on Poland, there is a city with great individuality that would probably impress any visitor. The impressive city centre, for centuries preserved medieval monuments, but also the famous healing spa and the surrounding beautiful nature – these are the characteristics of Bardejov.  


The Bardejov City Hall Square is formed by a rectangle that defines the colourful burgher houses, built in the Gothic style. The system of Bardejov fortifications ranks among the perfect ones in the whole of Europe. At the end of 14th century, Bardejov became a free royal town. Skills of the Bardejov merchants and the development of craft are documented by 64 craft specializations with over 50 guilds. Thanks to this fact, Bardejov rose to the peak of fame and wealth in the 14th and 15th centuries, and that era is considered a "golden one".

The most valuable of Bardejov medieval buildings is the St. Egidius Basilica; its 11 Gothic wing altars rank it among European unique sites of this kind. Another of the observable landmarks of the square is the late Gothic City Hall, a building standing almost in the middle of the Town Hall Square from the year 1509 surrounded by rich burgher houses. Today it houses the exhibition of interesting items of the Šariš Museum, but it also serves as a venue for concerts. Distinctive architectural character has brought the city a number of victories in the online vote on the most beautiful city of Slovakia.

The first written mention of the Bardejov Spa appeared as early as in the year 1505.

In close proximity to the mountain range of Magura, in the radiant peace of the surrounding coniferous forests, there is one of the most important European spas - the Bardejov Spa. The first mention of local medicinal springs come from the period of the Middle Ages. In addition to the medical treatments and the beneficial mineral water, baths and walking around the beautiful parks and numerous forest paths are an inseparable part of the spa.

Bardejov is known as the most Gothic city of Slovakia with the best preserved defensive system. In addition to the walls, the gate and ten bastions have been preserved.

Another important UNESCO World Heritage site in the city of Bardejov is the Jewish suburbium. This is an urbanistic curiosity of Eastern Slovakia, since it is the only partially preserved part of the former Jewish spa and the synagogue, which had been built by plan and in accordance with the rules of the Talmud.

In the district city of Bardejov, the centre of the upper Šariš region, there live approximately 35 000 people.



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