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St. Nicholas temple

The St. Nicholas Greek Catholic temple in Bodružal is one of the oldest wooden churches of the Eastern rite in Slovakia, with its construction dated back in the year 1658. This is the log-cabin structure in the shape of three squares, which symbolize the Holy Trinity.
The temple of Bodružal served from the year 1968 until the mid-1990s for ceremonies of two Churches – the Orthodox one and the Greek-Catholic one. Today it only serves the Greek-Catholics.
From 1968 until the mid-1990s, the Bodružal Church served for the ceremonies of two churches - Orthodox and Greek-Catholic. Today it only serves Greek Catholics.
In the two-part main tower, there are three bells, the oldest of which dates back to the year 1759. The Church is located on the hill above the village in a natural environment. The patron of the Church is Saint Nicholas, Bishop and thaumaturge, very popular for his philanthropy, who was Bishop in Asia Minor in about the year 300.
At the back of the temple, we may also find a monument in honour of the 400 soldiers who fell in World War I and their remains are buried in the local cemetery. Bordužal is one of the few Slovak municipalities which were substantially affected by the military operations during both world wars.

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