Gombasecká jaskyňa cave
km from Košice
Tuesday - Sunday from 9.00 to 16.00 every hour
September - October
Tuesday - Sunday 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 14.30 h
9,00 €
children 6-15 years, disabled *1
5,00 €
students, seniors over 60 *2
8,00 €
photo - video without tripod *3
7,00 €
special entry *4
30,00 €
* 1 - Children from 6 to 15 years; Disabled people over 15 years of age with a valid card.

* 2 - Full-time students - in the case of universities after proving a valid proof of study with an indication of the period of validity for the current year; Persons over 60 years.

* 3 - Photo - Video - photography and a short video recording without the use of a tripod can only take place during the tour of the cave, after paying the basic entrance fee and the set fee. This must not impair the fluidity and safety of the cave.

* 4 - Extra entry can be made at the request of visitors in agreement with the cave administrator, only between the hours of regular entry, after payment of the basic entrance fee and a set fee. This must not disrupt the operation of the cave.

Entry reservation is not performed. In case of regular attendance, the entrances are organized according to the times in the entrance order, in case of increased attendance, the entrances are organized continuously at intervals according to the nature and current possibility of the given operation of the cave, also in the time between regular entries in accordance with the valid entry rules.

Card payments are not possible.
Ing. Ján Karcagi

049 11 Plešivec

tel.: +421/ (0)58/ 788 20 20


The cave is decorated by sinter straws reaching up to 3 metres in length.

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There are several caves accessible to the public in the territory of the Košice region, each of them being unique enough to be seen with your own eyes. This is also true of the Gombasecká jaskyňa cave, whose interior is decorated with charming needles dangling from the ceiling. The “needles” are in fact extremely thin sinter straws (stalactite formations), which by virtue of their diversity materialize an infinite variability of nature creations.The snow-white glassy straws, 2 to 3 millimetres thick and 3 metres long, are the European rarity. They create a strong colour contrast against the background of brown-black limestone walls.
The cave is located in the middle of the Slovak Karst National Park and its entrance is located approximately 250 metres above sea level.
This is the first cave in Slovakia that started to be exploited for speleotherapy.
It was discovered in the year 1951 by volunteer speleologists from Rožňava. The most impressive areas of the cave include the Marble Hall with a well eight metres deep or Hall of Hiroshima, which is dominated by a stalagnate reminiscent of a mushroom cloud. In the courtroom of Ladislav Herényi (named after one of the discoverers of the cave), these thin straws are so densely grouped together that they evoke an image of a stone rain.
Gombasecká jaskyňa cave
In the Gombasecká jaskyňa cave, there is also the lowest ice cave of the temperate climate zone - the Silická ľadnica ice cave.
The route shorter than 300 metres is available to the public from the total length of the cave (approximately 1.5 kilometres). However, the guided tour goes through almost the whole of this part two times, therefore it would take about half an hour. The walk through the cave itself is not physically demanding, as the total elevation is only 7 to 8 metres. In addition, the microclimatic conditions are suitable for the respiratory diseases treatment - the temperature in the cave is around +9° C, the relative humidity being 95 per cent to 97 per cent. This is one of the reasons why the Gombasecká jaskyňa cave began to serve the purposes of speleotherapy as the first one in Slovakia.
Gombasecká jaskyňa cave
The brothers Suchý discovered in this cave previously unknown spaces, including a huge lake, in the summer of 2016. The total known length of the cave containing new corridors is thus 2 kilometres. However, the newly discovered space is hard to access, so only experienced speleologists can get there.

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