Jasovská jaskyňa - cave
km from Košice
Tuesday - Sunday from 9.00 to 16.00 every hour
September - október
Tuesday - Sunday 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 14.30 h
10,00 €
children 6-15 years, disabled *1
5,00 €
students, seniors over 60 *2
9,00 €
photo - video without tripod *3
7,00 €
special entry *4
30,00 €
* 1 - Children from 6 to 15 years; Disabled people over 15 years of age with a valid card.

* 2 - Full-time students - in the case of universities after proving a valid proof of study with an indication of the period of validity for the current year; Persons over 60 years.

* 3 - Photo - Video - photography and a short video recording without the use of a tripod can only take place during the tour of the cave, after paying the basic entrance fee and the set fee. This must not impair the fluidity and safety of the cave.

* 4 - Extra entry can be made at the request of visitors in agreement with the cave administrator, only between the hours of regular entry, after payment of the basic entrance fee and a set fee. This must not disrupt the operation of the cave.

Entry reservation is not performed. In case of regular attendance, the entrances are organized according to the times in the entrance order, in case of increased attendance, the entrances are organized continuously at intervals according to the nature and current possibility of the given operation of the cave, also in the time between regular entries in accordance with the valid entry rules.

Card payments are not possible.
Ing. Jozef Menda

044 23 Jasov

tel.: +421/ (0)55/ 466 41 65


The first accessible cave on the territory Slovakia - since 1846.

Up to one fifth of the population suffers from allergies to be treated by medications. However, medical drugs need not be the only solution, because speleotherapy appears a very good alternative – the method using the properties of the caves, in particular the underground aerosol. The cave environment is virtually not replaceable in an artificial way, since it is dust-free, allergen-free, and its relative humidity approaches 100 per cent. The Jasovská jaskyňa cave currently serves as one of three caves in the country for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases.
From among the accessible UNESCO World Heritage caves, you may get to the Jasovská jaskyňa Cave from Košice pretty quickly. It will take you about half an hour. The cave is located on the western edge of the village of Jasov, turn off the state road E571 direction cave at the petrol station in Moldava nad Bodvou. The entrance is only 100 meters away from the parking lot, where there is no need to overcome any elevation.
The nearest UNESCO cave to the city of Košice.
In addition, it is also a true witness of the history – the story has it that the cave was discovered by one of the monks of the Premonstratesian Order based in Jasov, with the first written mention of its existence dating back to 12th century. The cave is associated with a number of archaeological finds, from which it is clear that it was inhabited in the Neolithic period; some of the findings even point to a possible short-term settlements in the Paleolithic period. We may find inscriptions and drawings on the cave walls; for example, there is an extremely valuable inscription of the year 1452, which records the victory of the troops of Ján Jiskra of Brandýs at the battle of Lučenec, and it is the oldest documented inscription in the Slovak caves. In the Dome of Bats we may find the date of 1576.
One of the three Slovak caves used for the treatment of airways by inhalation of the cave aerosol.
Health recovery stays for treating allergy and asthma in children started in the Jasovská jaskyňa cave in the year 1995.These healing stays take place in the Dome of Bats.
Several parts of the cave are adorned by a rich sinter filling, sinter "waterfalls" or drums would also attract attention. Experts discovered up to 19 species of bats in the cave that assemble there especially in the winter. The Jasovská jaskyňa cave is one of the most important wintering areas of the Greater Horseshoe Bat in Slovakia. The length of accessible section of the cave is 550 metres, the tour would take about 45 minutes. Visitors would for sure feel it in their legs, since they are to climb 314 stair steps. The temperature of the cave varies between 8.8° C and 9.4° C, with the relative humidity ranging between 90 percent and 98 percent.
Slovakia and Germany are the pioneer countries in speleotherapy.

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