16 species of bats live in the Jaskyňa Domica cave

If you want to experience the real thing, even a fairy-tale-like secrecy, the cave Domica would forever be associated with the fantastic fight between good and evil – in the year 1982, they were shooting here the famous fairy tale Salt More Than Gold with a stellar group of the actors cast.
The cave is located 95 km from Košice, in the Slovak Karst National Park, and together with the Baradla Cave in the Aggtelek Karst, Hungary, they form a unique complex in the total length of 25 km.
One may cruise the cave through the underground creek Styx at a length of 150 metres.
Domica is the longest cave in the Slovak Karst; visitors may take two guided tours there – the short one 780 metres long (45 minutes) and the long one, including a sail by boat around the underground creek Styx 930 metres long (60 minutes). The temperature in the cave ranges between 10.2° C and 11.4° C, its humidity oscillating between 95 percent and 98 percent.
Rich geologicaldecoration of Domica.
In addition to voluminous karst decoration, the Domica cave would attract one by a high number of bat species. Up to 16 bat species have been found there until now, with the strongest representation of the Mediterranean Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus Euryale) that creates a 1000 to 2000 members large colony, the only of its kind in Slovakia. The cave is also a convincing proof of the life and activities of prehistoric man. The 5-6 thousand years old archaeological findings are a proof of colonisation and exploitation of the Domica cave in the New Stone Age.
One of the main attractions that have made the Domica cave famous is the underground creek.
One of the main attractions that have made the Domica cave famous is the underground creek symbolically named after the river Styx known from the Greek mythology. The preconditions for its being sufficiently filled with water include favourable weather conditions during the winter – if there is not enough snow, spring and summer would no longer “save” it. The sail along the underground creek Styx is about 150 metres long.
16 species of bats live in the Jaskyňa Domica cave.
You can continue in making some more discoveries on the Hungarian side of the border, in the Baradla cave, which is part of the same entry on the UNESCO List of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Domica is the only cave opening its season in February to end it up in December – it is thus accessible for up to 11 months in the year.

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